Are you committed to navigating the challenges in your career instead of giving up? Join our Mastermind Program and work with a small group of driven, dedicated and diligent theatre professionals all working to achieve heir goals.

Have a script you’re stalled out on?

Need to figure out where that “I Want” song wants to go in your book?

Our Writer’s Group is the perfect place for you!

Catering to novice and seasoned writers who are looking for support, feedback and a place to explore, the Writer’s Group is a small ensemble of writers led by Eric Webb, our Director of Creative Development.

Spanning 12 months, writers engage in cold-readings of each other’s work, provide feedback, hold each other accountable for their goals and assignments for each session. This group is open to dramatists, librettists and librettists/lyricists.

The Writer’s Group is now an exclusive benefit offered to members of The Producer’s Perspective PRO at the Co Producer Level. To apply to our Co Producer membership, please complete the application below.

To Apply to Become a Co Producer member of The Producer’s Perspective PRO, which includes admission to either our Writer’s Group or a Mastermind Group, fill out the application below!

Feedback from Writer’s Group Particpants

“Providing feedback on projects I never could have envisioned reminds me of the diverse voices that make American theater’s appeal limitless.” –Bear K.

“This group has helped me stay on track and more than anything helped hold me accountable for the goals I set. There’s nothing worse than saying you’re going to do something, and then not doing it. This forces you to stay true to what you commit to and get the work done.” – Chris L.

Interested in script coverage with Ken Davenport?

Script coverage and consultation provides dramaturgical feedback for works in development, as well as thoughts on your show’s commercial potential and possible steps for development. Writers are encouraged to submit questions or raise issues they would like addressed.


Q: Do I have to be a member of The Producer’s Perspective PRO to be accepted into The Writer’s Club?

A: While we do give our PRO community members priory acceptance, our The Writer’s Club groups are open to all applicants. Once you are accepted into a The Writer’s Club group you will ALSO get access to Co Producer Benefits of The Producer’s Perspective PRO, including sample contracts/agreements, contact lists, vendor resources, monthly “Office Hours” live calls with Ken Davenport and more. Our Mastermind Groups are a benefit included in our Co Producer Membership!

Q: How much is it to join The Writer’s Club?

A: Our Co Producer membership costs $197/month, and includes admission into either The Writer’s Club or one of our Mastermind groups. You will only pay $197 for the The Writer’s Club or Mastermind group PLUS you will get access to our PRO resources at the Co Producer level.

Q: How often will my card be charged?

A: The credit card on file will be charge $197/mo based on the date that you purchase your Co Producer membership.

Q: Can I just be in The Writer’s Club and not be a Co PRO member?

A: Nope! All of the benefits on PRO will compliment our The Writer’s Club and the work you are doing, so it is a requirement to be a member of The Producer’s Perspective PRO at the Co Producer level in order to attend our The Writer’s Club sessions.

Q: How long is the commitment?

A: When you sign up for your Co Producer membership (which includes The Writer’s Club or a Mastermind Group) you will be required to make a 12 month commitment. It is important that each group member participate in the monthly sessions, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of the others in the group.

Q: What do I need to prepare?

A: Every month you will be asked to either share a piece of your work, or provide feedback on the work of others.

Q: Do I get to choose which group I am a part of?

A: You will be assigned a Writer’s Club Group based on your availability.

Q: How often do groups meet?

A: Once a month for 3 hours.

Q: Where do these Writer’s Club Groups meet?

A: Our in-personal Writer’s Club meets in New York City, typically at a location in the theatre district. Each session is 2 hours.

Q: What if I don’t live in New York City?

A: We recommend joining our virtual Mastermind group!