Fun on a Friday: Look who’s on Facebook! Carmen!

Whenever I think that marketing a Broadway show is hard, I think . . . well, it could be worse . . . I could be trying to market an opera.

Opera just sounds old, right?  It’s like Museum.  Or Antique.  Sure, we know those things have serious value, but they don’t say hip, modern and fun.

Enter Seattle Opera, who, in addition to keeping a pretty hip blog for a regional opera company, posted a social network-sized version of Carmen on Facebook . . . from “Carmen’s” account.  So early on she and Don Juan become “friends”.  They poke each other.  And at the end . . . well, I won’t give it away.  Click to read it here.

What I love about the approach is that it’s fun, yes, but the successful juxtaposition of two things which would seem so different, Carmen and Facebook, actually makes them seem more similar.  So, all of a suddent, Carmen, the opera, just looks a little more relevant, and less . . . museumy.

Got a piece that is a little musty?  Marry it with pop culture to make it seem less dusty.  (Eminem look out, I’m coming for you . . .)


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  • Kelly Allen says:

    Seattle Opera does amazing social media all the way around. Their archives are exhaustive (video clips, articles, audio) and when I bought a ticket to “Porgy and Bess,” they sent back a podcast about the show with my ticket reservation.
    I believe they have taken social media marketing to an all-time high level.

  • Bryan David says:

    Dear Mr. Davenport, et al:
    Old fashioned in style but NOT in concept. If I’m going to attract the ‘new’ audience (those that loved “Spring Awaking” – “American Idiot” – “Tommy”) yet keep the more traditional musical audience that only pay to see revivals I believe I’ve ‘married’ the two with a combination of both elements:
    “Whitechapel” ©
    The Life & Times
    ‘Jack The Ripper’
    A Musical Love Story! ™
    Options & Inquires:
    Thomas P. Lane, Esq.
    (212) 294-6700
    © Copyright 1996/2007
    Bryan David/Brandon Kress
    All Rights Reserved
    I await your teams evaluation. What is Ms. Caplow’s opinion thus far? I am ready for a workshop are you?

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