Why aren’t there Broadway Marketing Awards? Oh wait . . .

Maybe I’ve still got Award Fever, but as I was watching the Tonys on Sunday I couldn’t help but think . . . we’ve got lots of Awards from lots of different organizations for Acting and Directing and Sound Design and so on, but what about the people that help put the shows on the map on the other side of the curtain?  What about the Advertising Agencies and Marketing Agencies and Interactive Agencies?

Surely they deserve a little kudos as well, no?  Especially since this is one of the most challenging and cluttered markets on the planet.

In fact.  We are one of the few billion dollar industries that doesn’t recognize the hardworking folks on the front lines of the advertising fight with trophy-like kudos.

Until now!

Yep, just when you thought Award Season was over . . . we’re sponsoring the first ever Broadway Marketing Awards!

We’ll be handing out Awards for each of the following categories:

Best Logo
Best Tagline
Best Website
Best Twitter
Best TV Commercial
Best Promotional Item (aka Swag)
Best Promotion
Best Long Running Campaign
Best All Around Campaign

And to determine the slate of nominees, we’ve chose some very fancy Expert Nominators from in and out of our industry.  This year’s nominators include:

– Jessica Berger, Press Representative from the powerhouse PR firm of Sunshine Sachs that handles celebs such as Streisand, Timberlake, etc.

– Blake Ross, Editor of the ubiquitous brand known as Playbill.  That’s right, Playbill.  You probably collect them.

– Josh Seifert, Marketing Strategy Lead at Huge, one of Advertising Age’s A-list agencies that consistently ranks as one of the Top 10 Agencies each year.  Clients include COs like Target, Amex, etc.  You probably buy from them.

– Julie Thompson, who serves on the Executive Council of Internet Week NY and Europe as well as on the Leadership Council of Advertising Women of NY.  She’s an 8th term Board Member of Advertising Week NYC and runs her own shop.

– Erik Gensler, President and Founder of Capacity Interactive who also runs the Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers.

– Kevan Choset, who happens to be Senior Counsel at MTV Networks, but that’s not why we chose him.  We chose him because . . . well . . . he loves and sees a lot of theater!  We wanted someone who actually made purchase decisions based on marketing to be in the mix.

And lastly . . .

– Me.

Good crew, right?  Except that last guy.  He’s just a blogger.  Should have gotten a critic.  Or a reporter from the Times (full disclosure – I tried – but they aren’t allowed).  Seriously, a huge thank you to the Nominators for sifting through all this material and choosing their faves.  (And because this is my blog, my stuff won’t be eligible due to obvious conflicts of you-know-what.)

Exciting, right?

Well, guess what . . . you are going to pick the winner!  What better group of smart and savvy folk is there to decide who the best Advertisers and Marketers are other  than Producer’s Perspective readers!

The nominations for all of the above categories will be announced TOMORROW right here . . . same blog, same channel.  Tune your browser to www.TheProducersPerspective.com at 11 AM EST (or sign up to have the nominations sent to you via email) and you’ll be the first to know.

Fun times!  And some folks should start making room on their mantle!


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  • KZL says:

    I still think the (sadly ineligible) Godspell tissue box that says “Bless You” is one of the best promotional items ever. And I still want one! (hint, hint)

  • It’s a shame Godspell is ineligible, because I would say they’d EASILY win best website and probably best tagline, if not one or two of the broadest of these awards.

  • Lauren m says:

    THANK YOU! I thought the exact same thing on Monday. I’m a graphic designer and my dream job is to work at Spotco, serino/coyne, or aka. I posted the same question on the tony’s fb page Monday after realizing all the awards I got correct had to do with design… Except there was no graphics awards for logo ect

  • margie says:

    I agree … so important to give those people credit … and I do think it makes a difference. My son is planning on writing a Broadway musical … he’s 13 so don’t hold your breathe BUT he did say that he needs to start thinking about advertisers …. he’s already decided on the theatre. I say this with a grain of salt but you never know what he might do …. he constantly amazes me so …. we see! He’s been so impressed with Godspell’s promos etc that he’s hooked on the show and we are going again for the 2nd time in about 2 months since it’s closing!!

  • Jennifer J says:

    Why should your shows be ineligible? There are 6 other nominators. Surely they would be honest in their ability to judge quality promotions. Just say that you can’t be the deciding vote in a tie….have an alternate 🙂

    Love this idea. Those of us in the role of one & two-man orgs that do it ALL envy the idea of a company JUST in charge of promotions. Yes, we learn from and borrow (within copyright rules 🙂 ideas.

    I look forward to the nominations and visuals 🙂
    I’m in GA, the ads don’t get down here for current runs! 🙁

  • Ginger says:

    Thoughts on including an Off-Broadway category? Arguably they (we) have a harder time considering budget constraints and sometimes limited runs, so the pressure is to make a strong impact with less breadth of exposure.

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