Who’s going to The Digital Marketing Boot Camp . . . for Free?

There is nothing cooler than people with a craving for knowledge.

Remember when you were a kid, and you didn’t want to go to school?  And now, like the people who entered this week’s giveaway to attend The Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers, you want to learn.  Ahh, life.

I wish, I wish I had a spot to give to each one of you who entered this giveaway, because you were all so passionate about wanting to attend, and I know you could get a heck of a lot out of it.

But I’ve only got one free spot.

I was going to award this giveaway to the application/comment I thought deserved it the most, but frankly, there are too many of you that are deserving recipients . . . so I’m making it random.

And that means . . .

Fingers on the keyboard-drumroll please . . .

Denver Casado, you win!  Congratulations!

Email me with info on how to redeem your spot.

For the rest of you, there are still some seats available to this conference, which I highly recommend.  Not only for he speakers, but for the people that will be attending.  You’ll meet folks just like you.  Folks that love the arts.  And folks that love to learn.

And imagine what could happen when you meet someone like that.

Click here to attend the Boot Camp.


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– Get Your Show Off The Ground!  Workshop coming up on 11/17.  Only a few spots left.  Register today.


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