Could our unions host award shows too?

While I was watching TEDxBroadway ‘trend’ on twitter the other day, I noticed another interesting trending topic . . . #SAGAwards.

Yep . .  . you know where I’m going with this one, right?

Why not a full fledged Actors Equity Awards?  Or Dramatist Guild Awards?  Etc., etc.

Awards are marketing trifectas.  Audiences love them.  The Winners love them.  And the Producers of the winners love them.  They promote the people, which then promotes the industry.

And since awards usually add value to a person’s career, a union sponsoring an award could actually end up increasing the compensation to their own members.  You don’t think the agents of those SAG Award Winners are going to use that in their next negotiation?

I don’t remember people caring one iota about the SAG awards a few years ago. And now it seems like everyone was watching.

Maybe we could all  be watching another award show in ten years as well.  (Note to anyone considering this idea:  please put this one in December!)


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  • Mark says:

    I wish some would, just as a much needed alternative. the Tony’s have become so out of touch, snobby, and political to be taken seriously any longer.

  • CMT says:

    It would be hard to get West Coast media to cover ANOTHER awards show in December. The schedule is already so jam-packed. October would be more viable, but December? Heck, no.

  • Looooove this idea.

    Love love love love it.
    December makes sense to me…get a push before the Holidays and potentially carry it through to March?

    Screen has (even before sag awards’ gaining popularity) multiple awards shows already, and it keeps people watching. People watch the Globes to see if it’s a clue for the Oscars… I feel like this could draw more people into year-round theatre support.

  • Brian Rangell says:

    Let’s game this out quickly for the AEA awards.

    The Common Awards:
    -Best Company of a Play
    -Best Company of a Musical
    -Leading Actor & Actress – Play
    -Leading Actor & Actress – Musical
    -Supporting Actor & Actress – Play
    -Supporting Actor & Actress – Musical
    -Best Ensemble of a Musical

    The ones AEA may be able to honor, since they’d be able to specialize a bit more:
    -Extraordinary Stunt or Dance Performance (this could honor a long overlooked dance captain or stuntperson who holds an ensemble together)
    -Best Stage Manager (some of the hardest working members of AEA who get no awards show love)

    *I’m biased to wanting an SM award being an aspiring SM, but the point stands 🙂

  • Lynn says:

    love the idea.

  • Buzz Roddy says:

    Great idea. And FYI, Actors’ Equity already has the annual ACCA(Advisory Committee On Chorus Affairs) Awards given to the outstanding Broadway chorus for the season. The latest winner is the chorus of NEWSIES! Here is a list of past participants:

  • Catherine says:

    The Dramatists Guild and some noteworthy
    dramatists have established THE LILLYS
    which recogonize very prominent females for contributions to theatre.The Dramatists Guild is proud to support these new awards which reflect great effort and talent and represent women writers and artistic directors among others.
    Teresa Rebeck and Ruhl and Howe to name a few .
    They have been going on for a few years and are named after Lillian Helman . A wonderful group of industry insiders show up to celebrate…producers , directors , investors , and critics .

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