Tonight on the Livestream: Broadway Choreographer, Lorin Latarro

Big thanks to Dominique Morisseau for joining me and droppin’ some powerful truth bombs last night. Were you taking notes? If not, no sweat . . . you can watch the replay anytime you want here.

And don’t forget, you can go back and replay all your favorite episodes here!

And tonight, we’re joined by Broadway choreographer and possibly the busiest person I know, Lorin Latarro.  Lorin is always working on a new project it seems . . . jumping into rehearsal for one show, starting tech in the other, and starting pre-pro for the next! I’ve been trying to get Lorin on my podcast for months and leave it to a pandemic to bring us together. 

What is Lorin up to these days? How is she keeping busy during this time? Tune at 8pm EDT tonight to find out! (Click here to get an e-reminder!).

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