Do you have a new project that you would like assessed by a Broadway professional? We offer guaranteed feedback services to help with the development of your script.

First off, congratulations on writing your script! Getting a first draft complete is a huge accomplishment, and often the hardest part of writing a play or musical. So be sure to celebrate what you’ve accomplished thus far!

No matter how long you’ve been a writer, or how many rewrites your project has gone through, your script is never really done. That’s the beauty of the theater! We can constantly improve our work, and one of the greatest ways to get better is through honest, objective feedback from someone who knows what works.

If your script isn’t getting the attention you feel it deserves from Producers, Agents, and Theater Companies, perhaps it’s time to examine why with our script coverage and consultation services.

You’ll walk away with specific action items that will help you get your script to the next level.

Ken Davenport is not currently accepting new clients. To be added to the waitlist please apply here. When a slot opens up our waitlist is notified on a first-come first-serve basis. If you need immediate assistance with your script, our Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb, is able to offer services to new and existing clients. ERIC C. WEBB is the Director of Creative Development for Davenport Theatrical Enterprises and Artistic Director for March Forth Productions as well as a writer and freelance dramaturg. For Davenport Theatrical, Eric scouts and aids in developing new stage and film properties as well as providing script consultation and educational programming for the playwriting community. 


After submitting your script for analysis you will be scheduled for a 1 hour consultation meeting to receive the feedback, which can be in-person, over the phone, or on Skype. This will give you the chance to have a dialogue about the critique and ask questions as they arise. Script consultations are available with Tony Award-Winning Producer, Ken Davenport as well as our Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb.


In this option, you will receive a detailed written analysis of your project via email 4-6 weeks from our receipt of the materials. This is an ideal option for those outside of the New York area, or for those who would simply prefer a more formalized version of the feedback. Script coverage services are available with our Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb.


This service is ideal for writers who are looking for more hands on feedback over a three month period. Each session you will walk away with concrete action items to work on that will help improve your project. Script coaching services are available with our Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb.


Ken Davenport is not currently accepting new clients. To be added to the waitlist please apply via the link below. When a slot opens up our waitlist is notified on a first-come first-serve basis.

“We were elated after meeting with you. You are wonderful at what you do. Your big notes and your small notes all resonated and made sense to us and we are eager to re-write making use of your input. You will get a very big thank you when the show happens in our bios. You gave me the best dramaturgy I have ever received. Hope to see you very soon again to discuss directions.”

Eric Weinberger and Gayla Morgan

“Thank you so much for your wonderfully written and insightful analysis of my play! I am so glad that I learned about your script coverage service. I strongly believe that you have provided me with a blueprint to greatly improve my script. As I work further on the play, I know that I will be referring constantly to your notes and suggestions.”

Alan Thurston

“The critique was professional and detailed and valuable going forward. Again thank you. This is very important to me and my partner, as you must know, and I really appreciate the care, attention, and respect you gave us in your reading and review.”

Susan Handelsman

“You are absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and admire your talent and the abilities you demonstrated in your in depth take on my show. My collaborator and I went over your report in detail. You hit every button!”

Mary Ryzuk

“Eric’s script coverage of my musical was brilliant. He totally understood the vision of the show and crafted detailed commentary that asked all the right questions and made stellar suggestions full of insight and clarity. Worth so much more than what I paid!”

Ned Massey

“Thank you, for devoting your time and energy to our show. Your feedback is precisely what I needed for the next rewrite—which I shall begin immediately! I am forever grateful.”

Laura Goodenow

“I was frankly skeptical (based on past dramaturgs/advice over 12 years) how valuable your analysis would be, but yours is the most elucidating analysis I have received, as it zeroed in on specifically many book issues I’ve been struggling with but unable to find a way out. Thank you so much, this will really help slim down/power up the whole show!”

Randy Hobler

“I would like to add that I was thrilled with Eric’s critique and feed back on my musical Gold Rush Girls. It was both deeply comprehensive and in the same tone encouraging. His pointing out aspects of the script that did work gave me a strong base to dive into the re-writes that were imperative for me to see. I’m grateful to be involved with you folks at The Producer’s Perspective and appreciate the ongoing efforts you make to keep us all involved.”

Karmo Sanders