The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Ticket to our How To Market Your Show With No Money Seminar

We’re taking a break from giving away tickets this week, to give away information.

Here at DTE, we’re about to launch the latest in our seminar series, with our almost-sold-out “How To Market Your Show For No Money” seminar coming up next Tuesday, March 20th.  You can get all the info here.

The seminar costs $99, but one of you is going to get a we-pay-your-way-scholarship.

Here’s how.  Comment below with why you need this seminar, or why someone you know needs this seminar.  We’ll give it to who we think needs it the most.

Good luck!


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– Take the How To Market Your Show With No Money seminar on 3/20!  Click here.

– Take the Musical Boot Camp!  Click here for info and an application.

– Broadway Road Trip from DC on 4/28.  Click here.